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My friendly, conversational voice is heard all over the world providing how-to instructions, explaining complex processes, and reminding potential customers why my clients’ products are the best.

With over thirty years in the VO business, and backed by training with the best in the industry, I’m ready to work with you to find exactly the voice you need.




Writing in Pieces

Okay, so The Sequel is gelling right now – pieces are flowing into place while I sit and do other stuff. You’re a writer – does that happen to you? You have a scene playing out in your head. Eventually, after you’ve played with it for a while, you get around to writing it down.…

The Way Out is Through

I was thinking about winning the lottery and wondering why, short of my not buying a ticket, I hadn’t done so. That seems a trifle unfair, doesn’t it? If you’re following the Saga of Me, I apologize for this brief recap: my new book is on the hands of my editor wife, who is studying…

Getting Dumber

According to this game, if you don’t beat the level you have an IQ of zero. Zero. I tried it, and, well, uh-oh… If you’ve followed along in the Saga of Me, you’ll recall that Darling Wife, who is my editor, has sat upon my needs-to-be-read-by-her novel for 2.5 months (10 weeks, but who’s counting),…