The Novels of JDR


Marigold’s End

Poor Phineas Caswell. The urbane, witty 12-year-old kid with a desperate hatred of the sea is forced to serve as a cabin boy in his uncle’s sailing ship. It’s the year 1706, and pirates cruise the Caribbean.

People aren’t who they seem, and what starts out as an innocent voyage sends Phineas and the crew of the Kathryn B into the heart of intrigue and the eye of a hurricane.

A thunderous novel of the sea.

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Droppington Place

All Byron Bishop wants is to lose himself in building a model house out of paper so he can put his lousy first day at N.O. Nelson middle school behind him. That’s it.

Who knew the paper house was a gateway into the weird white world of Winchester Penrose, himself a weird white magical man made of sawdust?

Will Byron ever get back home? What about Hailey and Kyle, the two other kids trapped there with him? And how will they avoid becoming paper themselves?

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