I Don’t Like the Beach

My novels, well one of the ones I’ve published and two that I’m working on, are about ships on the deep blue sea. But those ships are in the sea, not down at the beach.

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I Am a Phone Pirate

I almost titled this post “The Pirate in My Pocket,” but then realized that could be a serious double entendre. But I digress… I admit it. It’s me. Uh oh.

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Doing that Thing that You Do

G.B. Trudeau, the cartoonist behind the legendary Doonesbury cartoon strip, said something unusually profound today. Even I got it!

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The Island of Lost Brains

Oh, I used to have one, I promise. And it worked pretty good. But it’s gone now, that brain o’ mine. Been thinking about putting up posters on the light posts: Lost Brain, pinkish gray in color, answers to “hey, moron…”

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