About John D Reinhart

Who is John D Reinhart?

By day, he’s a video producer, technical writer, and technical illustrator. In the light of day, his video productions appear routinely all over the world on both the main website for, and in the social media that accompanies, HaasCNC.com.

By night, he’s the author of the novels Droppington Place and Marigold’s End, plus two more novels currently under wraps.

He’s also a voice actor who’s studied with the very best in the business, including the legendary Mel Blanc, and has literally hundreds of credits to his name.

He’s also an accomplished theatrical actor, having once played George Bailey in the stage version of It’s a Wonderful Life, and Charles Dabernow Shmendimen in Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile, among many, many others.

He’s also a technical writer/illustrator who delights in teasing meaning out of the arcane, translating engineering complexities into everyday English, and tossing in helpful illustrations when needed. He’s crafted everything from business resumption plans to DIY guides.

And he’s the editor and author of SkippityWhistles.com, a friendly, easy-peasy how-to site designed to help younger adults handle the issues of old-school technology.

He has a deep fascination with naval history, and builds model ships in his very few moments of spare time. He is equally fascinated by California’s wild and windswept Channel Islands, which happen to be a two-hour boat ride from his home office.

His home is in an “upscale surfer town near Santa Barbara,” (according to New Yorker Magazine)with his wonderful wife and whichever of his three adult children happens to be home at the moment. 

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