The Island of Lost Brains

Oh, I used to have one, I promise. And it worked pretty good. But it’s gone now, that brain o’ mine. Been thinking about putting up posters on the light posts: Lost Brain, pinkish gray in color, answers to “hey, moron…”

But, never mind about that, because, what can you do? You’ve lost your mind and there’s no hope of getting it back. Bye, bye, brains.

Here’s what’s wigging me out:

I made a cheerful little video on YouTube. This is the link. Even if you’re not interested in the subject matter, the music’s cool.

It’s posted on my sister site, If you haven’t visited there, you’re a member of a very large club. Very large.

Anyway, my brother and I share opposite political views, which, given the current vehemence, makes communication difficult. I’m sure he’s come up with some justification for today’s events (no doubt, he’s listening to talk radio and nodding his head that these thugs are all fine people. If those are the pillars of their communities, what kind of towns are those?)

Anyway, it’s hard to communicate with him.

And yet, I get a text from his this morning: he’s seen my video. It was recommended to his feed by YouTube – just popped up as a suggested video. What? What?

So, you know that YouTube only recommends videos that gets lots of views, right? I mean, that’s how the algorithm works.

So, here is where the brain slipped right out the window and I’ve not seen it sense.

Two. Two is the loneliest number since the number one, and that’s the number of views my video has gotten. If you watch it, you’ll increase my audience by 50%. See? I haven’t lost my math skills!

I don’t get it. I don’t get this stupid day. I don’t get those stupid people who crashed windows and put MAGA hats on statues in our nation’s capitol. I don’t get why that yutz thought it was okay to put on a Native American headdress and paint his face red, white and blue. I don’t get it.

And, I don’t get why YouTube chose to recommend my silly little video to my brother.

It must be wine o’clock by now.

Author: John D Reinhart

Author, technical writer, videographer, actor, and naval historian John D Reinhart is a very busy guy. You can find his novels as

2 thoughts on “The Island of Lost Brains”

  1. I don’t understand either. Any of it. SEOs still remain a gigantic mystery in my universe, how they operate, what the mechanism and process is.
    BUT…. the music WAS really cool on your video! And I loved your question at the end that it’s “either this (reason, logic, science, facts) or…. “my bicycle is magic.”
    It makes me forget about the first part, the last Wednesday part. You reminded me of that moron in the Native American make-up and got me asking, too: Why? What did he think he was doing, exactly? Making fun of them? Hearkening back to their beginnings, before we–HE–got here? Because the irony is if we–they–had gotten along with the Native Americans when they got here–the interlopers–and had, in fact, just gotten along with everybody and had NOT called the Native Americans savages and never kidnapped people and brought them here and then fought a war to sustain the right to own another human being….all of that fostering a mindset of false superiority and entitlement that led to Wednesday… obviously, last Wednesday never would have happened.
    And none of this–none of it–answers any of my questions about SEOs! lol
    I think your brain is doing fine, btw. Props.

    1. Thanks, Seliza for your kind comments relative to the brain. I gave up listening to the news on my commute because, weirdly, it was making me feel a touch guilty for burning down my neighbors house. As if that was a bad thing or something. Huh.
      Sorry. Too soon.
      One of the curious things our wars with the indigenous people that occupied this land before us is that they never felt that they owned the land in the first place. They lived on it, but it wasn’t theirs. There’s a very sweet, albeit tragic, tale in that. I don’t know.
      Thanks for the comment, and please, please be safe!

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