Pirates be Everywhere!

Oh, they comes in all shapes and sizes, they does. Oddly, I’ve started another venture, one what centers on them slimy devils theyselves.

Okay, enough with the pidgin English, or pidgin-English dialect. Maybe just bad pirate talk.

So, now you can visit SeaRoversCove, yet another WordPress site. It’s about sea rovers, see? Those desperate fellows that sailed the seas looking to make a fortune from poor unsuspecting sailormen… man, it’s hard to shake talking like a pirate.

I wanted to make it SeaRoversCove.JohnDReinhart.com, you know, so that I could forward my media empire. Alas, WordPress wants me to upgrade my existing subscription to another subscription, for another pile of money. They don’t want to simply add the two domains together and make not a nickel.

It’s all right. Most businesses are piracies anyway, am I right? Or what? Avast!

All this is done whilst waiting and waiting and waiting for my beloved to take her HR test so she can spend a few hours reading over my wonderful new book so that I can have her blessing and her edits and take it to a literary agent and start maybe my literary career, the next chapter in my strange and wonderful life.

Oh, the waiting it simply unreal. U.N.R.E.A.L.

I sent a copy of the book to my nephew, a smart guy, that he might read it. His response? It’ll take a couple of months to get to it…

Months?!? The thing’s only 50,000 words! I printed it out on a couple of postage stamps! The PDF version is, like, 2 pages! Months indeed.

So, in the meantime, whilst I waste away, waiting and waiting, I’ll write of pirates and make silly movies.

Here’s another silly movie to keep us all entertained: Test Track.

Enjoy the site, enjoy the video, keep smiling, because, one of these days, ONE OF THESE DAYS, ALICE!, you’ll be looking at my book in Barnes and Noble!

and not because i will have printed up a copy and placed it there with a big sign that says “free” in the hopes that somebody, anybody, will read it. sigh.

Author: John D Reinhart

Author, technical writer, videographer, actor, and naval historian John D Reinhart is a very busy guy. You can find his novels as Smashwords.com.

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