On Going Big or Going Home

When you were a little kid, remember how exciting it was to think about Christmas morning? All the commotion, the gifts, the noise, the screaming parents. Well, maybe not that one, or the barfing dog, but you understand what I’m saying – the anticipation. Oh, how great it was gonna be…

You’re a writer, you know how it goes. You slave your brains out writing the perfect piece, knowing that one day, some day, somebody’s gonna read it and, shabam, say “wow, that was great.” Or something similar.

Surprisingly, or probably not, I’m feeling the same way about my new site, Skippity Whistles.

Oh, how great it’s going to be, and how popular, and how many views and likes and subscribers and awards from somebody for what a great and helpful site it is!

Man. I’m going to sit back and sip a sunrise and soak up the success.

But it only has a tiny tick’s worth of content. A speck. It’s itty bitty.  The gulf between what it is right now and what it’s going to be is sooooooo huge, I’m concerned that I’ll never finish the bridge across it.

Today I got an email from WordPress – hey, why don’t you try our hosting for only $4 a month, and take your site to the next level.

Wait? You mean, for just four bucks a month, I could go BIG? BIG???

OMG! OMG, do you have any idea how much I want to do that? To go to the next level, to run down that runway and leap into the rarified air of successful sites?

Alas. I have no content. The rarified air is too rare. On the ground, stay we must, to quota Yoda. No on the going big. The four dollars must remain in my pocket for a tiny bit longer. Guess I’m stayin’ home…

All enterprises start somewhere, right? You’re writing, right? Waiting for that time when people ask you to write for them, or simply laud you with praise and stuff for what you’ve done…

The secret must be to stay home until your enterprise is of size enough that you can go big. Maybe bigness comes upon you like a fog in the night, and one day you realize it.

Well, here’s to bigness, and not going homeness. And here’s to more content!

Author: John D Reinhart

Author, technical writer, videographer, actor, and naval historian John D Reinhart is a very busy guy. You can find his novels as Smashwords.com.

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