I Posted Over There

If you’ve got nothing better to do, or wanna see some cool cross-platform marketing in action (gorilla style), this is it. Yeah, right…

You’re a writer. You know how it goes. You gotta push your stuff, right? I mean, if you don’t, who’s going to do it for you? Unless you have an agent, you, my friend, are on your own.

And so, I posted over there, on my Ventura Harbor blog. I’m so bad at it, I can’t even figure out how to open the dashboard to post stuff, which is why I’m thrilled to announce to you that I did it.

It’s an interesting post about kayaking the mighty waters of Ventura Harbor. The waters are not really very mighty. And it’s not really very interesting.

But I promised I would cross-promote my platforms, so that the people who don’t read my posts over there can come over here and not read them here, either, and vice versa. It gets so confusing, like a monkey chasing his tale.

Which brings us around to gorilla marketing: do very little and expect big results. So far, I’ve kept the first part of the promise. This post might actually be my marketing effort for this month.

And the returns? OMG, who knew that doing nothing gets you nothing? What kind of a deal is that?

All joking aside, I was raised to believe that, if you do a good job and behave like a nice person, the riches of the universe will open up and pour right down on you. Seriously, that was the parental message.

What the hell kind of a message is that to teach your kids?

After attending the school of hard knocks, I’ve been made painfully aware of the paucity of rewards that come to you by sitting still and being good. And yet, for all that, I keep watching the sky, waiting for that golden rainbow to plop itself in my backyard. And that’s gorilla marketing.


But, there it is. I made the post on that other blog. And, when nobody reads this post on this blog, they won’t follow that link to that blog, and everything will be hunky dory with the cosmos.

What a sad state of affairs…

Author: John D Reinhart

Author, technical writer, videographer, actor, and naval historian John D Reinhart is a very busy guy. You can find his novels as Smashwords.com.

3 thoughts on “I Posted Over There”

  1. I’m with you. And believe me, I’m WORSE than you at marketing. I’ve had people offer to read my book (usually men) and told them not to !!! (it’s sort of chicky lity). I suck.

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