Who wrote that song that has that line that goes “the way-yay-ting is the hardest part?” I’d give that person a nickel.

This is not a blog post. If it were a blog post, there’d be some meat to it, some steak with the sizzle, some cake beneath the icing.

If this was a post, I’d tell you that I finished the rewrite of the rewrite of the rewritten rewrite, and have it out to three readers.

One is my best friend for, like, ever. He read and liked it has passed it on to his wife.

One is my brother, who liked it right up through page 86, but has now gone strangely silent.

And the third is my wonderful wife, who is of course a professional businesswoman who has an absolute world of things to do, who works until 8:30 most nights, who’s studying for an SHRM exam. My book is on her list, but of course it can’t be right up there at the top.

The deal is that we’ve reached an accord, she and I. When she read my first-ever book, she wanted to edit it, but found it so bad that she drew little pictures of shooting me with guns in the margins. Guns, nooses, knives. She did not like that book – funnily enough, that one, with some changes, got all the way to Disney Publishing.

But, we have an accord now. We discuss storylines and characters before fingers get to keyboards, and we discuss structure and flow. When she does come to edit the work, we’re on a much more balanced level. Her advice is excellent, and her engagement in the work is both full-on and appreciated.

I daren’t ask her when she plans to read it, because that’s just obnoxious, and will make her feel as if she HAS to read it, and that will overshadow her open-minded approach to the work, as it would anyone.

So now, we wait. Tick, tick, tick. We wait.

My brother had some suggestions – I’ll incorporate those while we wait.

If YOU would like to read it, I’d be glad to send it to you. But you’ve gotta promise me that you’ll be honest, okay? Let me know by email – jdreinhart@hotmail.com.

Otherwise, we wait.

But, OMG, the way-yay-ting is the hardest part!

Author: John D Reinhart

Author, technical writer, videographer, actor, and naval historian John D Reinhart is a very busy guy. You can find his novels as Smashwords.com.

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