Take Your Day

First, admissions: I’m sitting on a folding chair in a gym in Anaheim, CA, surrounded by at least a hundred screaming, volleyball-playing teenage girls. I have not had enough sleep, and I’m terrifically annoyed by the itty-bitty keyboard on this phone that keeps recommending words I don’t want to use.

A curious side note: I set the phone to French language just to see if I remembered anything of it from college. Nope. Although I’ve retreated back to English, the phone now suggests French words!

Admissions out of the way, here’s the thing: You’re a writer – you know how it goes. Everything around you is a writing prompt.

You, my friend, are in the best time to be a warrior… No, not a warrior (stupid phone), but a writer. If you overdone… Overcome… The challenges of a tiny keyboard, you have ä… An audience ready to read your work, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

And it’s right there – an audience that you can reach for free! An audience waiting for you to write!

Are they paying to read your work? Who cares? If you’re a writer for the money, prepare to lose weight.

Most of us are warriors… Writers… Because we have something to say, and it’s important that someone reads it.

And, although no one is lining up to read my books, I have followers on three different platforms, and they’re all reading my stuff. And you -you are reading this, right?

So, rejoice, my authorial friend!

Write, and rejoindre, knowing that the world can read your work just as quickly as you can produce it!

Author: John D Reinhart

Author, technical writer, videographer, actor, and naval historian John D Reinhart is a very busy guy. You can find his novels as Smashwords.com.

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