No Step, No Journey

You’re a writer, you know how it goes. You think up an idea, you jot some notes, you toss it into a drawer somewhere…a drawer labeled whenever. If you’re like me, things go into the drawer, but never seem to come back out.

I have a huge, mondo-sized, drawer overflowing with ideas, all labeled “whenever.”

Worse is that other drawer, the one packed with projects that I started but then abandoned. That’s the Drawer of Embarrassment, the hidden, secret drawer

Embarrassing because every project in it is an excellent example of my inability to commit, or, worse, my inability to concentra…squirrel!

As years go by, each drawer accumulates more and more stuff – ideas, half-baked projects, boxes of pieces of things that were going to be great. I have no less that four great novels in the Drawer of Embarrassment, along with a screenplay for a film, some podcast test runs, and an attempted audio book. Not to mention all the model ship-building and technical writing first-step examples. Oh, it’s full.

And now, another endeavor. And now, a new idea that takes more moxie, more creative willpower, more innovation and project management than anything I’ve ever done.

I call it Plan 2024. It’s a website. It’s a how-to guide. It’s an educational powerhouse. It’s a green-planet manual. And it’s more than all that. It’s a hare-brained scheme, an epic amount of work, a most-likely waste of time.

But it’s also a way to give back, a way to to give useful instruction in combatting the real ills of our way of life.

Which makes it a gamble, and a mission, and a cool project with potentially huge payout.

As of today, I’m re-labeling the Drawer of Embarrassment as Former Projects. I’ll sift through it once more and see if there’s anything in there that applies to this new project.

As of today, the past is in the past and tomorrow lies just one step away.

And so, the journey begins…

Author: John D Reinhart

Author, technical writer, videographer, actor, and naval historian John D Reinhart is a very busy guy. You can find his novels as

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